Youth Academy



If you can imagine it, you can achieve it, if you can dream it, you can become it!

The UTS Youth Academy opened its doors on the 30th of June 2018, and from that day forward we have been empowering children from all across the Wirral to dream, believe, and achieve.

Forty-years of combined experience, expertise, and innovation in elite, public, and clinical exercise training, nutrition, and health have been drawn upon to create the World’s most encompassing Youth Fitness Programme. Our pledge is to teach and support all children to be more physically able and active, to become body-confident, fitter, healthier, and happier.

We have created a purpose built and designated exercise areas with children as our key priority – within these walls we will give youth back to children by engaging them in a fun, meaningful, and structured programme of physical development and athletic preparation like no other in existence. All children aged 7-15 will be catered for in a unique and individualised programme of activity which will equip them for life – to live happily and healthily, so that they can explore their world and embrace their potential.

This is not a short-term project, or a distraction for over the holidays, this is the dawn of a new era in Youth Development and one which will be with them every step of the way.

Youth Boxing (7-15)

This non-contact fun class combines technical boxing drills and cardio conditioning to challenge all ages and levels. Expect to learn fancy footwork and cool combinations from our experienced boxing coach. Coach Suraj has over 10 years of experience of competing and coaching and fully understands how to make boxing fun as well as developing fundamental principles.

Obstacle Course Training (7-15)

This class is Fun with a Capital F! A huge variety of obstacles that involve climbing, jumping, landing, hanging, swinging and many more fun moves that will develop athleticism in any child from the complete beginner to the more advanced. In addition, this class is taught by a professional obstacle course competitor and coach who has developed the specific skills and techniques needed to run obstacle races. What hasn’t this class got?!!

Youth Calisthenics (7-15)

This exciting and demanding class sees the exploration of a variety of bodyweight exercises to develop full body strength, co-ordination and mobility. Coached by 2 Street Sports Association (SSA) coaches this hugely popular way of training has been part of our Academy right from the beginning and with its combination of fun and hard work has seen amazing results with our youth tribe

Spartan (7-11)

GPP or General Physical Preparedness is what all children need to equip themselves with the mental and physical capabilities for sport and life. To ensure that we accomplish this, our Spartan classes involve an eclectic mix of fun movement drills where we challenge the kids to find movement solutions while getting stronger, faster, fitter and more agile!

Gladiator (12-15)

Building on the GPP foundation from the Spartan phase, this older age group will be challenged with more complex movement problems to ensure there is progression to each physical quality that we attack. Strength, power and conditioning will all be trained at each session in a fun and competitive environment to bring about meaningful results.

Youth Strength Training (12-15)

Strength is the foundation of all human movement, so its hugely important that our youth athletes train strength and progressively get stronger. Getting stronger SAFELY for this age group is a non-negotiable therefore technique on all exercises is our priority by our very experienced/qualified coaching staff. Our youth athletes will learn a variety of bodyweight, dumbbell and barbell exercises as well as being educated on the key principles of getting stronger and moving better

Course Booking

Please contact us by phone to book on to our Youth Courses 0151 632 6409