Our respected directors Neil Parsley and Dr Colin Robertson lead the coaching team. Neil currently consults for Manchester City FC and British Ski and Snowboard and Dr Colin Robertson is Head of the Athletic Development Centre at Bolton University and a widely published Sport Scientist.


Director, Neil Parsley, BSc, CSCS, ASCC

Neil Parsley is one the most sought after and experienced strength and conditioning coaches in the UK. Over the last 16 years Neil has coached Olympic Champions (Beijing & London Olympics), multiple World and European medalists and National champions across several sports including Taekwondo, Athletics, Rugby, Swimming, Cycling, Wrestling and Disability swimming. He has travelled extensively throughout the world attending training camps and competitions in Europe, Asia, Australasia & South America.

Neil is a co-founder and director of the unique and highly successful UTS gym who continues to coach our Tribe and athletes of all abilities. He regularly presents on his work at national and international conferences.

Director, Dr. Colin Robertson

Colin Robertson has been involved in human performance and sports science his entire professional career, and is currently the Head of the Athletic Development Centre (Bolton One), and the Research Co-ordinator of the country’s leading Sports Rehabilitation department at the University of Bolton; whereby he oversees the largest injury surveillance programme in the world which caters for every Super League team in the country. Prior to this recent role, Colin was a member of the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences at Liverpool John Moores University; where, along with his teaching and research activities, he established and led the Strength and Conditioning department.

Colin is also one of the founding fathers of UTS and is the driving force behind our commitment to debunk fads, passing trends, and celebrity crazes. Colin’s main role is to ensure that everything the UTS delivers is underpinned by world leading scientific research, practice and principals.

The Coaches

Our friendly coaches share degrees, masters, and post doctorates in Sport Science, Nutrition and Strength and Conditioning coaching

Chris Thomas - Coach

Background: Military, sport, instructing

Areas of focus: Calisthenics, weight loss and functional movement.

Having played and competed at a variety of sports in his earlier years Chris learned about life through being a Royal Marine. His professional skills were learned by completing command/instructional courses during his 9 years in the Corps.

The transfer to civy street naturally geared Chris towards the fitness and health industry. Picking up the finer points was something that was drummed in to him as a Marine and is something that stands him in great stead within his career choice.

Chris loves to be around positive, like minded people who strive to be the best they can be in whatever they chose to do.


Stu - Coach

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Dave Bolton - Coach

Coach Dave is a natural athlete who has represented England in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay. He has competed at county level hockey, volleyball & represented the R.A.F rugby team on several occasions.

After becoming Welsh & British light heavyweight kickboxing champion he was then selected to represent Great Britain at the world Championships in Pisa, Italy. After 5 days and 11 fights against some of the best fighters in the world he was crowned world champion.

In 2014 Dave was diagnosed with brain cancer. In July 2015 he was given a terminal diagnosis and 3 months to live. True to form he refused to accept this and took the fight to cancer and won.

Dave is an inspiration to all of the UTS Tribe and even has his own hashtag #BOLTmode which represents the need to have a strong mindset - something we regularly promote at UTS

Sam - Coach

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Connor - Coach

Connor recently completed his degree in BSC Rugby Coaching and Performance at the University of South Wales, studying topics such as Exercise Physiology, Strength and Conditioning, Human Nutrition and Sports Psychology.

He has also gained a diploma in Sports Coaching, Development, Level 1 and 2 Rugby Coaching awards and Junior sports leadership award, which enables him to coach and train vulnerable and disabled individuals. Along with this, Connor has coached an array of people, athletes and teams, spanning from Youth and elderly individuals, to Rugby Football teams, thus giving him the experience of coaching and working with diverse groups of people.

Connors main interests are Rugby, MMA, Boxing, Football and Strength and Conditioning. He is also looking to further develop his passion for health, Fitness and Athletic performance by studying for a Masters in Strength and Conditioning.

Suraj - Coach

Obsessed with movement and martial arts since watching Bruce Lee as a young boy Suraj embarked on a journey of becoming the best version of himself 10+ years ago when he started training and competed out of Birkenhead venture ABC.

He reached the National Finals in his first year competing then went on to represent Merseyside and Cheshire. Suraj has also fought at several international competitions.

To perform at a high level Suraj trains using several types of exercise practices in order to reach the physical fitness needed to compete and stay injury free. He has a holistic approach to health and vitality.

Suraj is a Level 3 PT and sports massage therapist, CHEK exercise coach, specialising in sports specific training, back rehabilitation, core conditioning and martial arts.

Favourite Quote:
Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own - Bruce Lee

Josh - Coach

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Jake - Coach

Jake has been a member of the UTS for many years, and is someone we have seen grow as an athlete, and likewise develop as a coach.

A keen sportsman with a real love of rugby, Jake has travelled the world playing the sport he loves. He has played in South Africa, and back in 2017, alongside UTS Director Neil Parsley, was part of Coach Alex's team, 'The International Gents' who won their category in The Dubai 7s tournament. Jake currently plays at Caldy and has done for 14 years.

Jake's exposure to high level coaching in sport, and all that it entails, is what sparked his interest in becoming a coach and to pursue a career in fitness. Jake is already a qualified level-three PT, has a huge amount of experience, and is keen to keep on developing and learning - just how we like our coaches to be.

With a passion for learning and coaching, Jake has already made a great impression in the classes he has taken, and looks forward to helping our Tribe reach their fitness goals.

Franco - Coach

Franco has come to the UK all the way from Lima, in Peru where he worked for more than 3 years as Head Coach of the "Espartano 360" specialising in functional strength and obstacle race skills.

His passion in training lies in obstacles: the movement, the skills and the course races. In Lima, Franco put his passion to work, and developed his own Master class program "Ninja Functional School", a training programme focusing on developing and preparing the specific skills and techniques needed to run obstacle races and competitions, for athletes of all levels, from the beginner right up to the elite.

Last year Franco qualified, competed and successfully completed all 100 obstacles of the 2018 OCR World Championship elite race in London. He continues to prepare for more races this year, not only to constantly motivate himself and improve performance but to also inspire others and to grow the OCR community.

Franco loves to teach and motivate his clients in a variety of disciplines using key methods, including strength and conditioning, functional training, body weight flows, calisthenics, obstacle course racing and ninja skills - all done with the key focus being on technique.

Ola Franco

Natalie - Coach/Sports Rehab

Natalie studied at the University of Bolton and graduated in 2018 with a BSc in Sport Rehabilitation. While at university she did placements with Oldham Athletic, the Specialist Mobility Rehabilitation Centre (SMRC) and our very own UTS!

In the past Natalie has worked for the England and Everton Amputee Football Team for 3 years, travelling the world with them to different tournaments and fixtures. She provided pitch side first aid and sports rehabilitation for the teams at matches and training and also put together prehab and rehab programmes for the players.

Natalie also has clinic experience where she worked in physiotherapy clinics in Moreton and Pensby and decided to venture off by herself and open her own clinic.

Natalie is now based at the UTS and is offering sports rehabilitation, prehabilitation, sports massage and much more.