This is the ultimate membership – which gives you access to everything that UTS has to offer: over 90 hours worth of Open Gym access, come and train in the best environment with state of the art kit from as early as 06:00 h in the morning on most days.

On top of this you can take part in 40+ coached classes per week – targeting all aspects of fitness. As a Hybrid member you will continually benefit from the ever expanding timetable of activities UTS has to offer.

Price : £49.99 pcm

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This membership is for those who simply want to do their own thing – providing you with over 90 hours worth of access to our unique facility (06:00 h – 21:00 h Monday to Thursday; 06:00 h – 20:00 h Friday; and 07:00 h -17:00 h Saturday and Sunday).

We can provide programmes, technical advice, and the most inspiring culture to train in.

Price : £29.99 pcm

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Young Adult


16 - 18 year olds, extremely popular membership provides a positive environment for the younger members of our Tribe to develop their knowledge and advance there  training. Access to open gym and all UTS classes.

Price : £25.00 pcm

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Our Gym


The UTS Steel Works area was the first high-performance training space in the United Kingdom that was made accessible to the general population. The equipment, space, and more importantly the structured sessions that take place here, were bred directly from the elite sports environment; with no compromises.

This is the area where the fundamentals are done – Steel Works is where we build strength. Everything from bench-press to back-squats, deadlifts to shoulder press, and the full array of Olympic Lifts Weightlifting methods are taught and mastered here. Every item of kit is hand-picked, and we utilise the area to teach a wide vocabulary of exercises with an emphasis on skill development. Our philosophy is: first, move well, then move often, and then move against increasing resistances.

Fitness Forge

The UTS Fitness Forge is an inherently dynamic and versatile space where we house our unique and industry-leading circuit sessions. Everything that takes place in this room is authentic; we don’t deliver generic or branded classes, instead we innovate and pioneer. From the first peg-board in the UK to monkey bars and KO8s, kettlebells, sandbags and sleds, the Forge is an adult’s fitness playground. Every one of the coached sessions that take place in the Fitness Forge has been devised from a thorough understanding of exercise physiology, strength and conditioning, and athletic development.

Our CV area is also housed within the Forge, and you will find multiples of every piece of kit: Wattbikes and Assault Bikes, Skill Mills and Treadmills, Ski-Ergs and Rowers, and a row of punch bags to unleash upon.

The UTS Fitness Forge curriculum of classes cover every aspect of fitness, from strength to strength endurance, metabolic adaptation to aerobic and cardiovascular improvement. No matter what your current level of fitness is, in the Forge you WILL get fitter.

The Hangar

The UTS Hangar, similar to the Fitness Forge, is a multi-use exercise space, in which imagination is the only limitation. The Hangar possesses some of the core components of Steel Works with an ample provision of lifting-racks, Olympic bars and plates, but it also offers a wide area of open space. In the Hangar we can focus on speed, agility, reactivity, and functional resistance.

The Hangar is home to our Youth Academy, our Foundation, and the many local sports teams who train with us.

Cali Park

The UTS Arena houses our bespoke indoor Calisthenics park, and is home to classes and courses, for adults and children, in this exciting and demanding area of strength and fitness. Inside the Arena you will also find punch-bags and our slam-wall; catering for a diverse range of explosive movements and the development of raw power.