This session is all about reps – all about pushing to do more – all about developing energy systems that make you go longer. The aim of this session is to increase your effort as the session progresses, outdoing your previous effort each and every time. This is a simple but very effective way to exercise, especially if you’re goal is fat loss along with increased mobility and general strength.

If you’re a runner, a cyclist, a football player, a rugby player, a netball player… the list goes on… it’s simple: regardless of what your sport is, this circuit will directly help you to build and improve your overall aerobic capacity.

VO2 develops the engine (the heart and lungs) which ultimately supports each and every exercise or sport you participate in. However, it doesn’t stop there – this session will tax your muscular system, and develop mental resilience too. VO2 is a cornerstone of essential training, and thanks to our intelligent and unique level system, caters for ALL levels of ability; from complete novice to Olympian. Whatever your background, whatever your goal, this session was made for you.