KO8 & Kettlebell is the next evolution in functional performance! Working the body from every possible angle through suspension and resistance for a completely unique, dynamic and effective session.

The beauty of KO8 is the simple adjustable system, with resistance from 12-72kg. So, as you become stronger so does your KO8!

Mix this dynamic resistance element with suspension training, which is dictated by your body weight, and you’ve got a class that can be utilised from the most advanced gym nuts, to beginners. This class is an intensity workout mixed with mobility, because we firmly believe there’s no point in being explosive if you can’t do it with fluid motion. The KO8 represents – symmetrical flow, which is infinite!


Combining this with a Kettlebell will sculpt your body like never before. By integrating these ‘no nonsense’ pieces of equipment you will be led by our UTS coach through a full body workout that will leave every muscle in your body knowing exactly why we consider this class one of the all time great classes at UTS.

This class is perfect for ALL levels from complete beginner to Olympic athlete as the UTS coach will give detailed progression and regression on all exercises