We have never set out to be average or imitate. Neither have our Retreats.  A UTS Retreat is life changing experience built on integrity.

It will change your life not only for the duration of the retreat but for the years that follow.

Each day you will trained, nourished and educated at the highest level allowing you to learn from our World Class team.

Our first UTS Retreat will be Thursday September 20th- Tuesday 25th 2018

It will take place at the ‘UTS House’ in Moraira, Spain. The UTS house is a luxury villa just outside the town of Moraira, just 40 minutes from Alicante Airport. Please see the location sheet for more information.

Please see the UTS Retreat sample itinerary below:


Sample Day
07:00 Morning hike & mobility session
09:00 Breakfast
10:00 Nutrition Presentation - Dr Colin Robertson
11:00 Break
12:00 Density strength session
13:30 Lunch
15:00 Break
17:30 Yoga
19:00 Dinner and debrief the day
20:30 Free time



We are dedicated to allowing our members to experience elite level coaching and education that is normally reserved for professional athletes. UTS Retreats provide a unique opportunity to allow all participants to benefit from this knowledge on a more personal level. You will be assessed and monitored throughout the retreat so that you will leave with a bespoke training and nutrition programme that will not only transform your training and lifestyle for the duration of the retreat, but for years to come. Education is at the heart of our UTS Retreats,  to help you build a platform to enhance and transform your life.

We are also very committed to our UTS Foundation. We have a plan to create additional funding which would mean that vulnerable people could attend future bespoke retreats free of charge.