Our Yoga classes are led by Tina Toft, who has been practicing yoga for over 25yrs. She is a certified Sivananda and Vinyasa flow yoga teacher. She is also a certified Children’s yoga specialist, and pre and post natal yoga teacher. 

Tina’s style of yoga is detailed and strong with clear verbal instruction including advice for moderating postures and explanations with regard for your physiology and wellbeing.


At UTS we currently offer you three levels of yoga, to assist you as you develop and deepen your practice.


  • Gentle or beginners yoga: Hatha yoga. Includes detailed explanations about the yoga postures and the breathing exercises. This is done at a gentle pace. Also suitable for those recovering from illness or injury.
  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Using the breath in an integral way to facilitate a flowing practise, increasing your flexibility and strength.
  • Strong Vinyasa Flow Yoga: This is a very strong practice that requires a good level of fitness, flexibility and strength using a deep connection with the breath or prana. Not suitable for complete beginners.